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A warm welcome to the Church of Light at the World Reformation Exhibition!

The modern Protestant Church of Light is located at the Globalization / One World Gate next to the historic churches in Wittenberg. Developed by the Protestant Church in Hesse and Nassau for exhibition settings and constructed from Plexiglas, the mobile church endeavors to give contemporary expression to the basic ideas of the Reformation.

The church – one-of-a-kind in the world – not only symbolizes the mobility and the colorfulness of faith, but at the same time serves as a place for encountering God and meeting people from all over the world. The church provides a doorway into contemporary spirituality, as well as functioning a unique venue for special events.

“Moments of Blessing“ will be offered at the Church of Light. In addition, there will be a wide array of prayer and worship services, music and dance, and cultural events – please stop by and experience what it means to be blessed as a person.

The meaning of light as a profound symbol in the Jewish-Christian faith tradition is underscored by the illuminated church, particularly at night.  Please plan to visit the special “Nights of the Lights“.

The form of the Church of Light makes it clear that it is intended as a church building. Constructed from wood and translucent acrylic glass panels, the church is illuminated with multi-colored LED lights. The church measures eight meters in height, 14 meters in length and 4.5 meters in width. The interior area accommodates some 40 visitors, with additional room for 200 persons in the outside area. The church is also equipped with three small bell towers and furnished with a baptismal font.

The Church of Light has received four prizes and awards for outstanding architecture and lighting design.  First displayed in Darmstadt in 2009, the church will be presented for the eighth time in Wittenberg.

Setup time: approx. 5 days.

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